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Our Roof, Building Exterior, and Waterproofing Services

Services offered by Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Solutions, LLC (DRH):

Visual Roof, Building Exterior, & Waterproofing Assessments

Two Roofing Experts Uncovering Water Damage On A Roof

Nondestructive Roof & Substrate Moisture Analysis

An Expert Using Nondestructive Testing Methods To Evaluate A Building Exterior

Field Testing Services

An Expert Performing Field Testing Services On A Roof

Repair or Replacement Specifications

Experts Performing Repair and Replacement Services On A Roof

Bid Process Assistance

A Hard Hat And Other Roof Inspecting Tools

Construction Period Consulting & Administration

Three Roof And Building Exterior Expert Reviewing Information

Roof & Building Exterior Management Plans, Programs, and Protocols

Three Building Exterior and Roofing Experts Using A Laptop To Perform Inspection Services

Failure Analysis, Investigation, & Expert Testimony

A Roofing Expert On Top Of A Roof