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About Us

We are the right choice to answer your roofing challenges; find out why.

Dedicated Roof & Hydro-Solutions, LLC was founded in 1997. We learned a few things while providing roof and water entry solutions to clients throughout the United States for over 25 years. It became clear that addressing clients’ needs requires specific understanding and clear communication — less gloss, more service. Even after joining the Applied Technical Services, LLC (ATS) Family of Companies in 2016, this principle remains our primary emphasis. DRH now fulfills our client service standards all the more effectively with ATS’ backing and resources.

Our company provides the consultation services you deserve by knocking down the communication barriers that impede progress. We pride ourselves on delivering exemplary customer service, custom plans, and practical solutions to clients dealing with roof, building exterior, or sub-grade water/moisture problems.

Why Choose Us

Always Available

We always accept requests and phone calls, allowing you could resolve any problem whenever you need.

Qualified Consultants

All our team members are qualified, experienced, registered consultants who specialize in roofing and water entry issues that clients regularly face. They undergo continual training in safety and building exterior to stay abreast with the latest industry developments.

Fair Prices

Our prices maximize the value of our services for our customers. Repeat customers comprise much of our client base, a good indication of the value DRH consistently delivers.

Prompt Services

DRH understands that you are working on a deadline. Our team of consultants collaborates with you to deliver timely services no matter the pressures or constraints your company faces.

Featured Services

We find practical solutions to specific roof, building exterior, and sub-grade water/ moisture problems. Our experienced consultants are also available to perform related services, such as case studies, roof management, sealants/caulk consulting, and more!

An Inspector Checking The Exterior Of A Building For Water Damage


Roof and Building Exterior Water Entry and Failure Analysis.

A Trained Professional Performing A Visual Inspection The Exterior Of A Building

Visual Roof

Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Soutions, LLC offers a wide variety of visual roof inspections.

An Inspector Writing Down Objective Advice For A Building Exterior

Building Exterior

We provide objective advice to help maintain and improve buildings.

Two Technicians Supplying A Company With Field Testing Services

Field Testing

Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Solutions, LLC offers field testing services.

Our Goal

It is the goal of DRH to exceed the expectations of each client served, assure client expectations of value received, cause no reason for contractors to elevate pricing to clients for projects served by DRH, and maintain a premise for business and professional practice that is mutually beneficial to the client and DRH.

Our Vision

Our consultants have continually improved their skills over their years with DRH. As a company, we have expanded our scope of capabilities, using the latest technologies in concert with time-proven practices and consensus-based standards to deliver quality results. Our team stays abreast of industry and technological developments to ensure our clients always get the best.

Our Mission

It is the mission of DRH to provide professional roof and water entry solutions with dedication to client satisfaction, economy, practicality, and value. The mission to provide the highest level of dedication to clients, the industry, associations, and individuals will ensure the success and dignity of this business throughout the years.

Our Team

DRH has 4 Registered Roof Consultants, 2 Registered Roof Observers, and support staff to meet our clients’ needs. This team offers a combined experience of more than 185 years of roof and water entry solutions. We are active and recognized with awards by IIBEC & SPRI and are members of, or registrants/certified through, NRCA, CSI, & AEE.