Building Exterior Services

building exterior services
Services Offered by Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Solutions, LLC (DRH)

Visual Roof, Building Exterior & Waterproofing Assessments
  • Condition assessments of roof, building exterior, & sub-grade water/moisture problems:
  • Property transfer knowledge
  • Leak identification
  • Dispute resolution
  • Management planning
  • Programming
  • Pre-design: repair or replacement
  • Construction close-out/punch list

Nondestructive Roof & Substrate Moisture Analysis:
  • Infrared
  • Nuclear
  • Capacitance

Field Testing Services:
  • Roof core analysis
  • Controlled source water testing
  • Fastener pull out resistance
  • Field measurements
  • Peel resistance/adhesion testing
Repair or Replacement Specifications:
  • Design review and development
  • Bid package development
  • Master specification development

Bid Process Assistance:
  • Contractor pre-qualification
  • Pre bid meetings
  • Bid review

Construction Period Consulting & Administration:
  • Pre-construction design review
  • Submittal review
  • Pre-construction meetings
  • Review of change orders and requests for information
  • Progress and quality assurance monitoring

Roof & Building Exterior Management Plans, Programs, and Protocols:
  • Preventive maintenance plans, schedules, and budgets
  • Remedial maintenance plans, schedules, and budgets
  • Roof replacement plans, schedules, and budgets
  • Comprehensive maintenance manuals
  • Training and education
  • Protocol development
  • Overall management programs

Failure Analysis, Investigation, & Expert Testimony